Privacy Policy of Itnomy B.V.


This is a website operated by: Itnomy BV
Our physical adres:

Tijnmuiden 93, 1046AK, Amsterdam


Our registration with Dutch CoC.: 51178117
Our VAT-number: NL8231.29.548B01
OPTA Registration numbers: 942137, 942142

Itnomy respects the privacy of all of its users and shows ultimate care to handle all private data of its customers confidentially. When you visit our online shops, various data regarding your visit can be collected in order to deliver optimal service. In this privacy policy page we explain exactly which data is collected and used, how your data is processed and what rights you have regarding the use of your personal data.

Itnomy makes sure that rules and regulations applicable in the Netherlands are obeyed and necessary
steps will be taken regarding protection of privacy rights.

Your personal information is secured

Protection of privacy is important both for you and for us. Our systems and programs are protected to prevent access to your personal information by unauthorised persons. When we receive or send certain critical information, such as payment related data, we use secured servers. We have taken necessary security mesurements in order to prevent loss, unauthorised access or mutation of information that we receive on our website.

Itnomy uses collected information to provide its customers the following services

1. Processing of your order, your payment and delivery to the right address

2. Informing you about developments on Itnomy services and about special (personalised) offers and campaigns. In case you do not want to be approached for this purpose you can inform us by sending an email to;

3. Asking you to share your experience with Itnomy products and services, eventually to be able to serve you better;

Itnomy does not sell information collected on its website

Itnomy shall not sell personal information of its customers collected on the website to third parties, and shall provide these information to its affiliates solely for execution of your order, for evaluation of its activities en services, or for optimisation of its internet adverts on other websites. Our staff and third parties involved by us are obliged to respect privacy of your personal information.

Right to review and correct your personal information

It is always possible to learn the status of your personal information either by sending an email to or by sending a letter

(Itnomy,Tijnmuiden 93, 1046AK, Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

We send you your information that we have on our website as soon as possible, of course after checking your identity. In case you notice any mistake, wrong or incomplete data you can ask us to correct / enrich your personal information. You can contact us with one of the communication mediums (email, telephone or post) stated underneath this page in case you think that we do not respect/protect privacy of your personal information.

Storage of your personal information

We do not use the method of tracking IP addresses when you revisit our website.


Websites operated by Itnomy can show adverts of others or have links to other sites.
Itnomy has no influence on the privacy policy of such third parties or their websites and is therefore not responsible.


In case yopu want to to contact us regarding our privacy policy you can contact us via either

– by email:

– by telephone : +31 20 811 4111

– or by post to adres: Itnomy, Tijnmuiden 93, 1046Ak, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

On request of its customers Itnomy will provide all information that is kept about specific customers after checking their identity.

In case you want to have access to your personal information please contact us with one of the contact possibilities stated above.

We give our customers the possibility to ask us correction / enrichment of their personal information.

Itnomy web sites use Google Analytics to collect visitor behavior data. Google Analytics service is used in its standard form without any alterations and or changes.